Children Come Home, Now!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last week I was kid-less. And it was blissful. Then painful.

My big boy went to church youth camp for the first time. I was both giddy for him and extremely nervous. This was his first time away from us for a week that was not with family. I knew he would not be scared or homesick, but the what if’s kept my nerves heightened.

The two little ones went to Granddad and Grandmother’s in Texas for the week. Grandmother was working at her church’s vacation Bible school. It was the perfect time for the kid’s to go stay so they could attend with her each day. They came home with more crafts than any child can possibly do in one week and they had a blast.

This left me with one child, who relished the idea of being able to go to Grandma’s house without his siblings. Paradise was the term he used. He did not like it when he figured out I was staying the night when dropping him off. He told me I was invading his “week of paradise” and keeping the “week of perfection” from starting. Yes, he is nine and actually used those terms.

My cousin came and stayed for a couple of days and we had a wonderful time. I bargain hunted while she shopped, we ate out every meal and absolutely ordered dessert. The day she left, my man came home from a business trip. And it was amazing.

We finished our sentences. Had complete conversations. Got dressed up and went out to dinner. And did NOT have to pay a babysitter. We held hands and walked down the street. The rest is private. Sigh. Smile.

But we missed our children desperately. By Thursday, I was ready for them to be home. I had not picked up a single toy or pillow from the floor in days. And I missed the chaos and noise. We mused if this is what it would be like when they go to college. I really can’t even imagine.

We met at family’s house to get the 2 little ones from Grandparent’s. Grandmother bought Anabelle rollers and rolled her hair each night. Belle loved it. I used to sleep in those pink rollers as a little girl too. She looks like she is reading, but she is sleeping sound.

When we were finally all back together and I had squeezed the air out of them, the world felt upright again.  But I did realize a couple of important facts from my kid-less week. First of all, it was good for us all. They had a lot of fun. Had a break from mom and dad’s rules. They stretched their little wings a bit and gained some independence. After all, this was not a one-night sleep over. And fortunately, they were as happy to see us as we were to see them.

Cooper slept on the opposite end of the couch from Belle in Aunt’s office. There is no doubt he is asleep. He gets that from his Daddy.

Secondly, my husband and I truly enjoy each other. We will find a new normal when it is time. But I have no doubt in my mind; we will enjoy our quality time together. There will be more of it, and it will be a good thing. We are not growing apart, but growing together. Times like this week keep that growth strong and headed in the right direction. We needed alone time. Simply because we are married.

In a mere few days, the separation will seem like a distant memory as I am running ragged with four children. But it is okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Someday I will miss this.


Do you take time away from your family to recharge?



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