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God’s timing is always perfect….

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

…even when it is not my timing.

I have been struggling with an unanswered prayer for sometime now. We have been praying for a job transfer to get back closer to home. John and I have discussed at length that, although we love so many things about Las Vegas, we want our children to grow up with closer and more frequent access to grandparents and cousins.

I have read and memorized every scripture I can find on answering prayers, believing for God’s will and trying to listen to God’s voice to follow His plan for us, not my plan. But I have to admit it has been so frustrating and disappointing much of the time; when I am thinking with my flesh and not focused on God, that is.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend on the phone about the transfer when I felt this mighty reminder in my spirit that God is listening to my prayers and He does have a plan. And He reminded me of a very recent event that was nothing short of His divine timing.

A week before our newbies came to live with us I went to visit with the principal at my children’s school. They attend a Christian school and my children and I have been so blessed by the principal, staff and teachers there. Because of this, I felt strongly that it was important that Tanner and Tyler attend this school even though they came from a public school. I knew the teachers and staff would do everything they could to make this big change as easy as possible for the boys.

I shared this strong feeling with the principal and she embraced helping anyway she could. As we were walking out of the conference room I ask her, “Do you only have one fourth grade class?”

She stopped abruptly and said, “Yes, and it has been full since school started. I have had to turn fourth graders away all year. We physically do not have the space for another student. In fact, I just remarked to the teacher that she is the only teacher to not have lost a student.”

Of course, I was overcome by confusion because I knew I felt in my heart that God would provide the finances for us if we stepped out in faith to enroll them there for the last three months of school. She was probably a little concerned about the panic on my face because she quickly said, “Let me go talk with the superintendent. I will be right back.”

I stood in the reception area, feeling both peaceful and scared, and realizing those two emotions cannot co-exist. Then I was overcome with emotion when the principal walked out and said, “We just had a fourth grader withdraw five minutes ago. This is the first fourth grader we have lost all year. We have a spot for Tyler.”

She then turned to the staff at the front desk and said, “That fourth grade position is filled. We have a replacement, do not give it away.” And just like that God once again proved that His timing is perfect.

I am amazed and in complete awe at how He worked out the fourth grade opening for me. He knew when my appointment was with the principal, and He timed the other student’s withdraw at just the precise time that it wouldn’t fill with another student, but He would have it open and ready for me.

I don’t know about you, but that gives me bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. He is in control all the time. And when our faith is in Him, we don’t have to worry about home’s selling, job transfers, how to fit two more bodies around our dinner table, having a vehicle the whole family can fit into or where the money will come from to help those in need. He already has it all worked out.

And if He can work out the details of that event, why on earth would I question His ability to work out the details of every other area in our lives? His ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts higher than my thoughts (Isaiah 55:9) and He can do exceedingly, abundantly above all I can ask, think or imagine according to His power that is in work in me (Ephesians 3:20).

Yes, His timing is perfect, indeed.

Just as God has the roses open at just the right time for their fullest beauty, He opens doors for us at just the right time for us to bear the most fruit for His glory.

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