Come Back Friday

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are finally moved. Yay! But, oh my, how many boxes do I still have to unpack? I think they are multiplying. I think I am almost done and I go to the garage and there are 9,378 more. Okay, maybe not quite that many. But seriously. Feels like it. I no longer have any fingerprints because packing tape has torn them off over the past week. I can commit a crime.

In the midst of our move, I have had a precious baby girl turn 6 years old. I will tell you all about those festivities next week. But since I am still searching for all of my clothes and the toaster, I am going to spend the next days rummaging through the growing boxes to find them.

Come back and visit with me on Friday and I will be back to work after that. I hope. If I’m not buried from an avalanche of boxes and packing paper. If you don’t hear from me, come looking. Please.



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