Finding my groove

Monday, August 8, 2011

Do you ever feel discombobulated after being out of town for a few days? I do.

I have unpacked. That is typically last, but just to procrastinate other things, I did it first. I have a to-do list that was prepared before I left, and I have even stared at it for several moments, repeatedly. Nothing.

I am back in my mom-uniform though, and love that. You know, yoga pants, tshirt, running shoes and the best part, no make-up at all. But I am completely out of my groove for being in charge of the household. Seth has a robe, pajama pants and slippers on. He is 8 going on 78. Cooper is still in pajama’s but at least looks like a little boy. And it is 5pm. It seems a little silly to make them get dressed at this point.

It is almost time for Dad to get home and I need to get busy so I can psych him out and let him think I have been on my game today. He often sees right through it, but is usually too gracious to call me on it. Love that man.

And my feet still hurt from 4 full days of walking miles and standing hours in cute heels. Vanity over sanity I always say.

Notice my sad little pinky toe? It blistered AND popped on the 2nd day.


Matching sad pinky toe on the right. Geez.

 Apparently only men design high heels and mules and slingbacks. I vote for the mom-uniform law that it must be worn everyday but Sundays. I think that is reasonable.
But for now, I have to go find my groove.

One thought on “Finding my groove

  1. Susie says:

    Fashion always comes with a high price to pay, including blisters an all! BTW, cute shoes. Love'em:-)

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