Interview with Author, Nancy Kay Grace

Today I have the privilege of having Author, Nancy Kay Grace as a guest. She has just released The Grace Impact, and glory to God, she is making an impact with her inspirational stories and scriptural teaching. I always love to hear how a book came to be and the journey the author took to have a finished product of words to share with others. Believe me, it doesn’t just happen. It is a journey and often one word a time.

Below is Nancy’s story of how her book came to be and a little bit of her journey to come to this place she can encourage us all.

*Be sure you read closely the part of how you can be a grace-giver and find out where a portion of sales goes. And then rush to get your copy and be a grace-giver!

Interview Questions with Nancy Kay Grace about The Grace Impact Grace Impact Cover

Why did you write a book on God’s grace?

I have been captivated by grace for many years, not only be­cause “Nancy” means “grace” but also because grace has transformed me, strengthened me, and sustained me through difficult times. It is a crown jewel with many facets given by the Lord for our relationship with Him.

How did The Grace Impact develop?

The idea for this book began several years ago. In 2007 I submitted some stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul and a devotional book. The stories were accepted, which encouraged me to continue my writing journey. In sharing this with my friends, I wrote a short devotional in an email and added my publishing news at the end of it. This was the first issue of GraceNotes, my email devotional. It is now offered as an opt-in newsletter on my website, I have continued to send GraceNotes each month since then, even through some very difficult and trying times. The Lord encouraged me to keep writing and sending GraceNotes. Eventually I hoped to have enough devotionals to compile them into a book.

In 2012, I was at a point when I was very discouraged with writing. A book project that I started abruptly ended. I attended a writer’s conference to hear from the Lord about my next step. While there I pitched the idea for this book to CrossRiver Media called GraceNotes: Thirty Days of Grace. The manuscript was accepted. As I worked on it, the publisher noticed that in the past year several book titles included the word “GraceNotes” and suggested I consider re-titling it. After praying about it and researching possible titles, I decided on The Grace Impact. The project went from being a simple devotional about God’s grace to being a book on God’s grace that happens to be a devotional. This change challenged me go deeper in writing, researching, and showing God’s grace.

What is the “grace impact?”

God alone is able to set into motion what I call the “grace impact”—His ability to work in and through any situation, revealing His love and forgiveness to us, thereby drawing us to Himself, ultimately through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The initial impact of God’s grace to each of us comes by accepting salvation through Jesus. It continues in us and through us as our lives are transformed by yielding more to the Lord. As we grow in faith, we share God’s grace with others. Like a drop of water released on a smooth lake, the ripples of the grace impact continue to reach outward to many.

Is there a theme verse?

The theme verse for The Grace Impact is 2 Corinthians 9:8.

            “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”

The book is divided into four sections. The first section looks at the grace found in God’s character and why He is able to make grace abound. God is able to reveal Himself to us, and chooses to do so. The promise of grace pulses throughout Scripture. Section two is about the sufficiency of God’s grace, giving us what we need to live the Christian life. Once we interact and accept the grace of salvation through Jesus Christ, we begin to be transformed by the power of God. Section three explores the sustaining power of grace in all things at all times. His grace covers every detail of life, not just the good things, but also the difficult, sad, and complicated things. That knowledge can give us the ability to walk confidently through life knowing our heavenly Father is with us every step of the way. Section four encourages us to have an abundance of grace for every good work, sharing the blessing of grace with others.

In the book you say “The key is in living life unedited—living every moment in His grace, unafraid of making mistakes.”  Can you explain that further?

As a “recovering perfectionist,” I know the struggle of wanting to do something perfect and still being disappointed in my best efforts. I think many perfectionists wrestle with this issue. God has given me freedom in seeking excellence instead of perfection. Grace gives me the assurance that what I do, if I do it with the right attitude for the Lord, is good enough. Grace allows us to accept mistakes as a part of life and not fear trying again. The grace impact grants freedom and confidence to escape the bondage of perfectionism.

Author Nancy Kay Grace. Nancy uses her own life to illustrate how great God's grace truly is. She is now inspiring all of us to make the decision to trust the grace of God too.

Author Nancy Kay Grace. Nancy uses her own life to illustrate how great God’s grace truly is. She is now inspiring all of us to make the decision to trust the grace of God too.

People often struggle with trusting God’s goodness in the midst of trials. What can you say to help them deal with that?

In The Grace Impact, I share how the Lord helped me through cancer, the death of three parents within six months, and other issues. Trusting God is more than a feeling. It is a decision made on the knowledge of God’s character and faithfulness.  Even when He seems quiet, God’s grace is ever present, sustaining us. God’s grace has carried me often, and I desire to share this hope with others.

What’s the most important thing that readers will learn from “The Grace Impact?”

God reached into the world with grace, bringing redemption to the failures of people and transformation to those who were weak. God’s grace reaches us today and His forgiving love is available to anyone who will accept it. Once we embrace it, we grow in becoming grace-givers to this hurting world.

How can we be grace-givers?

God calls us, redeems us and transforms us. We become His agents in the culture today, sharing the word of grace and passing the gift on to others. One way of being a grace-giver is to share our resources with others. To carry this out, a portion of every book sale of The Grace Impact will be given to the Grace Orphan House (Siyon Social Welfare Society, in Aurangabad, India. It currently serves as home for thirty boys and fifteen girls who were street children. Grace Orphan House provides a loving Christian environment, education, three meals a day and a comfortable place for the children to live. Anyone who purchases the book continues spreading the grace impact.

What makes this book different from any other devotional?

Not only can it be read as a thirty-day daily devotional, but it can also be used as a Bible study guide on grace. At the end of each daily reading there is a section called “Deepening the Grace Impact.” There are additional scriptures for further study, questions for your own meditation, and a prayer. I’m working on creating a thirty-day online Bible study using The Grace Impact. Another option would be to study one chapter a week, making it a 30-week or 8-month study. I will be using the book in an online Bible study in June. If you are interested in the online study, please contact me and I will get information to you when it is available.

What inspires you to write?

Many times I will begin with a personal time of worship through playing praise songs on piano. This helps me clear my mind and focus on the Lord. Reading the Bible also prepares my heart. When I sit down in front of my computer, I pray for God to open my eyes to His grace from something I read, the words of a song, or an observation from life about grace.

Where can we buy the book?

It is available at CrossRiver Media’s website, or through  Autographed copies can be ordered by contacting me at If you would like to have me come to speak to your group, I am available for meetings, banquets, or retreats.
Please visit my website at for more information.

Other ways to connect with Nancy:
Twitter: @nancykaygrace
Pinterest: nancykaygrace
Facebook: Nancy Kay Grace /GraceNotes




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  1. Deb Tice says:

    I’ve known Nancy Kay for over twenty years. The things she shares in The Grace Impact only begin to touch the many facets of what God has done in her life. Nancy is a prayer warrior, writer, speaker, musical artist, teacher, and an amazing friend. I encourage you to read her book, let it soak into your heart as God reaches out to you through the words He has given her to share. Blessings and hugs!

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