Keep Going for the View

An odd thing is going on in my life right now. I find myself back in roles and situations I thought were behind me. I am back in a role in my career I thought was over. I am serving in a position in church again that I once held, and after completing, thought it was over permanently. I am receiving unsolicited speaking invitations again. I thought that season was over for a while. Possibly even many years. Physically, I am even regaining my health. I have been very discouraged after dealing with some issues for almost two years now. And until I found a new doctor, I had began to believe I was never going to be “as good as new” again physically. And yet, here I am. On all fronts.

I have heard that little cliché many times over the years, but it certainly applies to me now.

“Don’t put a period where God wants to put a comma.”

As those things were laid down before, especially my business, I initially thought it was a temporary stop. More of a pause. But more time passed than I expected, so I thought maybe God was telling me that season was over for me. But He said differently.

The same applies to this church position and speaking at women’s events. A lot of life has happened the past 2 years. Some of it was more than amazing. Some of it was a big crap-sandwich. And some of it, I am humbled to see God move in such mighty ways that I literally am left speechless and on my knees before Him. But as a result of the past 2 years, I thought those roles were on the proverbial shelf.

So now that I stand back at the starting position of these roles all over again, how do I proceed? Because there is re-building. Re-creating. Re-gaining. Re-doing. And if I look at it with my human eyes, it looks daunting. Just like these stairs I have been running up and down for 6am boot camp this summer.

stairs up

It is funny how my physical restoration is such a good example for the rest. There are sore muscles. There are times of gasping for air. There are times I am pretty sure I am not going to make it to the top so I stop short and turn around to head back down. There were times I made it to the top, but I was just trying to live another moment so I didn’t even bother to look up. My eyes stayed on my feet trying to navigate the last steps and then turn around to head down without falling and rendering myself dead.

But I know God has lead me to these places again for a purpose. For His purpose. And it doesn’t have to be comfortable for me, just glorifying for Him. He has allowed me time to recover from the past couple of years, especially the crap-sandwich parts. He has given our family time to heal and regroup and find our normal. But it is finally hitting me that just because He gives us time to pause, doesn’t mean we have completed the task He set before us.

He is not done with me yet. And no matter where you are right now in your season, He is not done with you yet either. I hope that gives you as much anticipation as it does me. Because I have said a gazillion times, “God is full of surprises.” And boy, is He! He shows up and He shows off. And I am humbled He lets us watch it happen. And sometimes He even lets us play a small role. I don’t know of anything more exciting.

Our last boot camp of the summer, I got to the top but did something I had not done before. I looked up. It was beautiful. It was almost 7am, and the sun was rising onto the other side of the stadium. I could see the tree tops coming to life.

viewCan I tell you how much I love trees? And as far as my aging eyes could see, trees. Trees full and green.

Can I also admit to you how cool I feel when I am on the football field? I seriously feel like a rock star. I may be doing lunges or bear crawls down it, but in my head, I am scoring the winning touchdown. I am both the star quarterback and the fastest running back in history. I rock.

view 2

Standing there looking at that beautiful, serene view was an incredible moment for me. Because it reminded me that all the growing pains, the sore muscles, the sacrifices to reach the goals God has laid before me, they are all worth it when you get to the top and can see the view.

In the business world, we may “arrive” in our careers, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But when it comes to matters of the Kingdom, we will never “arrive.” As long as we are on this earth, God will have plans and tasks for us to do. And I personally think that is exciting. Because He IS full of surprises. As we are working for His purposes and goals He laid before us, every once in a while, He allows us a glimpse of the view from the top.

It is beautiful.





5 thoughts on “Keep Going for the View

  1. Kia Hunt says:

    It’s so nice to read your words again. I love hearing how God is working in your life and the encouragement to roll with his plan, whatever surprises he has in store.

  2. Jeannie Siefken says:

    You are such an encouragement to me! Thank you for letting God use you!

  3. Thank you for saying that! It means so much to me!

  4. Thank you for being such a faithful reader and support. I am so impressed with all YOU are doing and the study you have created that is impacting moms so greatly. Your ripple effect is going to go further than you could ever imagine!

  5. Erica Perez says:

    Wow!!! I was looking for a lost friend with your name and walks with Jesus as well. Needless to say , I never found her, but when I came across your blog and profile, I was interested in your encouraging words and lifestyle. I’m actually so glad I found you!!!????I have subscribed to your blog and Facebook page to continue receiving your words!!! My friend Kim used to also assign to me bible study material to work on and once completed, I would send back for grading!! What a small world and I read in your blog that you enjoy providing bible study’s as well!! That’s awesome Kim!!!????I’m thanking God for discovering you!!!????Hope to hear back soon!!

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