Love according to Seth

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you have followed my blog for very long you know conversations with Seth are never boring. Topics come at random, and he spews only the facts. Well, only the facts per his version. However, I have come to learn, that sometimes he is a wise little soul. And always funny.

Just he and I were in the car on the way to his football practice this evening. He was chattering away while I nodded and gave the occasional “Oh really?” at what I hoped were the appropriate times. My ears perked though, when I heard him say, “Mom, I think I’ve got my eye on someone.”

“Oh really?” For real this time. “Who is it?”

“Well, I am not sure about it yet. I still have my heart set on Skyler kinda.” Skyler was the adorable little girl from his class last year in Vegas. She is precious and was always very sweet to Seth.

“I can understand that. Skyler is a real sweetie. But I think you have time before you have to move on.” Third grade isn’t real big on the dating scene yet, after all.

“You know, Mom, I have had several crushes. Like five. But that’s okay. You know, Mom, they say if love struggles with you, then let it go. If it doesn’t come back, find someone new.” He was very matter-of-fact in his philosophy as he casually looked at the country-side passing out his window.

“Who is they, Seth?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or hug him. Or both.

“It’s an old saying, Mom. You shouldn’t struggle with love. Sometimes you just have to let it go and find someone else to be happy with.” He seemed a little perturbed that I was not acting more familiar with they and the old saying. I had heard a version of it but I was intrigued by the 8-year-old adaptation and didn’t want to enlighten him on what I did know.

We pulled into football and I told him I needed to grab a photo of him, because he was so smart about love.

He turned to pose for me. I think he was proud that I seemed impressed at his advice.

After taking his picture, I grabbed my planner and wrote down his quote so I would not forget. He asked me if I was going to share it with other people at a meeting. I told him that I was definitely going to share it. He said, “Good. Then they will know and they can tell other people and they will know what I said too. Then, pretty soon, everyone will know about my saying.”

I will wait a few years to tell him that it isn’t completely an original saying. For now, it has his creative juices flowing and there is no telling what I may learn next week on the way to football practice. I had to snap another shot.

I am pretty sure this is what angels look like. Or at least some. His red hair looks like it is being kissed by the light from Jesus Himself.

 After our deep talk and photo op in the car, I watched Seth practice flag football with his teammates. A couple of them would get too rough with Seth or another, and Seth would make a joke and pat him on the back. He had a smile on his face the entire time and he was kind and friendly to everyone. If you have ever wondered what a real, live pure heart looked like, you can say you have now seen one. It has red hair.


One thought on “Love according to Seth

  1. Heather says:

    "Love struggles" – never thought about it like that before! 🙂 I love the things that boy comes up with!

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