In Honor of Adoption Awareness

This is a re-post for my friend Shawna in honor of Adoption Awareness Month. God has given her double the blessing through adoption as she now has a little girl, who in all God’s fine and fun attention to detail, is the spittin’ image of Shawna. How GREAT is HE?!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today’s mother of honor is a wonderful story I am thrilled you to share with you. This Monday’s mother is Shawna Salkil of Seneca, Missouri. I keep a list of mother’s to ask about featuring each Monday, jotting down names often as I think of them. This list consists of mom’s I am already blessed to know, and also one’s I hear or read about but have yet to meet.

Shawna falls into the first category as I have called her my friend for over 12 years now. She served as Children’s and/or Youth Ministry pastor with her husband, Travis for many years, and has always had an amazing passion, energy and love for children. Then she became mother to Jaxon, and all those same attributes just multiplied. She is an incredible mother and I knew I wanted to feature her.

But then I remembered an exciting part of her journey to motherhood. Jaxon is adopted. Sometimes I forget that. But when I remember, it brings a lump in my throat as I recall all that Shawna and Travis went through to receive the miracle of Jaxon. It is a story of faith and hope; and a love that can only come as a gift from God Himself.

Keep Going for the View

An odd thing is going on in my life right now. I find myself back in roles and situations I thought were behind me. I am back in a role in my career I thought was over. I am serving in a position in church again that I once held, and after completing, thought it was over permanently. I am receiving unsolicited speaking invitations again. I thought that season was over for a while. Possibly even many years. Physically, I am even regaining my health. I have been very discouraged after dealing with some issues for almost two years now. And until I found a new doctor, I had began to believe I was never going to be “as good as new” again physically. And yet, here I am. On all fronts.

I have heard that little cliché many times over the years, but it certainly applies to me now.

I Couldn’t Even Log In

It has been so long since I cracked my website, I forgot how to get in here. True story. I panicked a little until I figured it out. I have thought about it almost daily, and really missed blogging. And writing. Even the book writing came to a screeching halt in 2015. A whole lot of life happened in 2015. And I have been dying to tell a few people.

So here I am at 1:52 a.m. re-introducing myself. This is what happens to me when I go to bed early. I fall asleep and start to get the unimaginable great night’s sleep, only to be awakened a few hours into it. Since I have already been asleep for a while, my mind is thinking, “Hey, let’s party.”

Interview with Author, Nancy Kay Grace

Today I have the privilege of having Author, Nancy Kay Grace as a guest. She has just released The Grace Impact, and glory to God, she is making an impact with her inspirational stories and scriptural teaching. I always love to hear how a book came to be and the journey the author took to have a finished product of words to share with others. Believe me, it doesn’t just happen. It is a journey and often one word a time.

Below is Nancy’s story of how her book came to be and a little bit of her journey to come to this place she can encourage us all.

*Be sure you read closely the part of how you can be a grace-giver and find out where a portion of sales goes. And then rush to get your copy and be a grace-giver!

Interview Questions with Nancy Kay Grace about The Grace Impact Grace Impact Cover

Why did you write a book on God’s grace?

I have been captivated by grace for many years, not only be­cause “Nancy” means “grace” but also because grace has transformed me, strengthened me, and sustained me through difficult times. It is a crown jewel with many facets given by the Lord for our relationship with Him.

Survival, Parenting Without Toilet Paper

I’ve been participating in Bible studies the past couple of years with the most fabulous group of ladies on the planet. That’s not even the slightest of exaggerations. Most of us are in the 35-45 year old range, but we are blessed with some older and younger. I love the richness of a diverse age group.

This past week I sat next to a young mom expecting her fourth child. She is an absolute doll with such a sweet heart. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed and voiced a concern that every mother on earth has had. Sometimes we just feel like everyone around us is doing such a great parenting job and we are on the brink of the entire population knowing we are a big, hot mess when it comes to parenting. Of course, those are my words, not hers. Because that is how I have felt – and do feel quite often – as a mother of four little people.

Beauty Unveiled Blog Tour & Giveaway

One of the best things about having friends who are authors, is that sometimes you get to read their books before everyone else. I especially love it when it is a good old fashion romance novel with plenty of drama and twists. My friend, Rachel Skatvold, has certainly mastered that.

beauty unveiledHer second book, Beauty Unveiled, has just hit the market and I can’t tell you I loved it enough. I started reading it and made it about four pages when I stopped and picked up the first one again. It was called Beauty Within and I had loved it too. I wanted a refresher of the characters and all that had happened to bring us to this point starting in the second book. So I laid on the chaise in the living room and re-read the first one. That is what I call a good day.

Of course, you don’t have to read the first one to jump into the second one, but why would you deprive yourself of a great book? Just like what happened in the first one, drama continued to unfold and more twists and surprises had me hanging on every page. At one point when tragedy struck, I found myself saying out loud, “No! Rachel! You wouldn’t!” But she did. And then I didn’t dare put the book down until I found out how the situation panned out.

Blog? What Blog?

I feel like that lately. My husband has even been known to text me during the day to say, “Remember that blog you used to have?” Oh. I know. The problem is always life. Life just happens.

We have had some pretty big life changes in our household since the first of the year. To say that 2015 has not started off like we had planned would be the understatement of the century. And it is okay. God has been ever-present, ever-faithful and taken care of us beyond what we could have dared imagine. But as anyone over the age of 21 can tell you, life will always throws you curve balls.

Manic Monday


I think this needs to be my screen saver. It just makes me giggle like a silly girl.
Have a great week. Make someone else smile this week. Be a blessing!



Stop Using the Broken Faucet

The definition of insanity: Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results.

Our office at work shares a bathroom with other companies on the floor so there are multiple stalls and two sinks. The sink on the left is awful. No matter how little or much you turn on the water, you get a shower. It shoots out in all directions at warp speed and your splattered wet clothes – and even face – are the casualty.

Time after time every day, I would walk up to that sink and turn it on and then give a big, loud, “Uuuuggggghhhhh!” as soon as I turned on the water. I have even asked myself out loud, “Why do you keep doing this?” Seriously. Why do I keep walking up to that stupid broken sink and turn on the water multiple times a day?

Manic Monday

I-never-thought-Id-see-the-day Sometimes the truth just makes me chuckle.
Have a happy week. Be a blessing.